Friday, May 2, 2014

Weeks 23 & 24: India

Welcome to our study of India! Since we were moving, we condensed India into one week. It helped that my daughter had already studied Amy Carmichael when she was attending Christian school. We reviewed by reading about her in Hero Tales, but skipped reading the book.

Zoology -

Between our studies of India and Africa, we visited The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park. The tigers were one of the highlights of our visit. There were two tigers, one was sleeping but the other kept walking around and came right up to the glass where we could see him up close.

We also saw Snow Leopards, an Amur Leopard, and a Cougar. This was great for reviewing what we learned earlier in the year about big cats.

During this week we studied Lesson 6: Primarily Primates in our zoology book. We were able to see several primates at the zoo including Golden Lion Tamarins, Ringtail Lemurs, Black-and-white Ruffed Lemurs, and Black Howler Monkeys.

Volcano Experiment -

Lindsey created a model volcano using playdoh using a glass bottle underneath and some crumpled newspaper to help give it shape. After the model was complete, she but baking soda and red food coloring inside the glass bottle. We took it outside and then she added vinegar to make the volcano erupt with lava. What kid doesn't want to make a volcano erupt? This was a fun experiment!

Our Indian Dinner -

We found some Jalfrezi Indian cooking sauce at our grocery store & decided to give it a try. We cooked some chicken tenders in a skillet; added frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots;  stirred it all together with the sauce; then served it over rice. It was a little spicy, but not bad. Everyone liked it okay (even my Dad), but we probably wouldn't go out of our way to make it again. It was a good introduction to the tastes of India.

Books We Read -

A Taste Of India by Roz Denny

India by Erin Pembrey Swan

Once A Mouse... : A Fable Cut In Wood by Marcia Brown

Living In India by Anne Singh


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