Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First Post: Starting in the Middle

When my daughter asked if she could be home schooled next year, I wasn't sure what to say. We had moved after the 3rd quarter, and her new school was less than ideal. However she was only there a few weeks and would start at a different school for 6th grade in the fall.

Educational Background: She had attended a Private Christian School Kindergarten through 3rd grade and we loved it. She did very well there. When my husband lost his job, we could no longer afford to send her to private school. Her 4th grade year in public school was a bit of an adjustment but we got through it and her grades were good. Then for 5th grade she had an excellent teacher and was also placed in AIG so she was learning more and being challenged. She was lucky to be in a good school with high standards until we moved for my husband's new job.

We have friends who homeschool and it was working well for them, but they had been homeschooling since their kids were young. Could I teach middle school? I discovered that some families at our new church also homeschool. So I did tons of research, asked a million questions, and we prayed about it. We came to the conclusion that homeschooling would be the best option for our daughter this year. So this is where our homeschool journey begins - in middle school.