Monday, December 9, 2013

Flat Lindsey Visits Canada


Flat Lindsey visited her new friends Iorek and Gaïanne in Canada. Their mom wrote to us about her visit -

First we made her a winter jacket, but since it was 9 degrees celsius (48 in fahrenheit) she didn't need her tuque. In Canada we use the International system for temperature, measurements, distances etc..

We brought Flat Lindsey to the West Edmonton Mall. It is the biggest mall in all North America and it's the 13th biggest mall in the world. In the pictures, you can see mini Lindsey in the mall, at the sea lions show, at the indoor water park, the indoor amusement park, and we also show you one of the Oldest company in the world, that have a big significance in the history of Canada (fur trading), The Hudson Bay Company.

Then we went to the Royal Alberta Museum which is beside the government house (historical building) where we took photos of Lindsey with the flags of all the provinces of Canada, and then with Canada and Alberta flags. In the Museum we first start with the Alberta Native History Gallery where she saw how the first nation used to live before the arrival of the Europeans and how the French Canadians did the fur trading and then founded the first colony of Metis (pronounced May-tee) (meaning mixed blood). Then we went to the Nature and Wild Life of Alberta gallery Where we showed her our trees and wild life. At the very end we took a little walk to take some picture of the scenery downtown around the museum.

We brought Mini Lindsey to Iorek's fencing friendly competition. We had our first real snow storm of the year, so Flat Lindsey had a chance to wear her tuque :-) Flat Lindsey enjoyed Iorek and Gaïanne playing in the snow in the back yard. She also went along with us to our meeting with our homeschool group at the local library. We also share a meal, vegetable omelette, with mini Lindsey.

We attended a Souvenir/Remembrance Day Parade. You can see the poppy flower we made for flat Lindsey to bring her to the parade. You can find all the information concerning Remembrance Day at . The bright yellow building is the Universiade Pavilion, better known as the Butterdome . This is where the biggest Remembrance Day parade of the province is held every year. The Prime Minister of Alberta, Allison Redford was present at the ceremony. We like this very location for the parade because it's held inside, and as you can imagine, it is usually cold outside at that time of the year here in Alberta. My husband, the corporal Simard, was in the rank for the parade.

Here is the wiki page about the West Edmonton Mall , the official page of the museum , the wiki of the museum and the government house .

General info about Alberta here . Concerning the Flat Stanley book, we got curious and search if there was an équivalent in french and found one. It is «Clément Aplati» .

Flat Lindsey had so much fun on her Canadian adventure!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weeks 12 & 13: Norway & Scandinavia

Sorry to be so late posting & to have missed a week! Lindsey was a bit under the weather for week 12, so most of our activities were during week 13. Here are the highlights -
Norway & Scandinavia


Week 12 started with a piano being delivered for Lindsey! She has been wanting to take piano lessons since 2nd grade but we couldn't afford a piano. A family from our church had an old piano in their barn and they gave it to Lindsey. She is so excited! A group of boy scouts delivered it to our house and Lindsey learned to play Hot Cross Buns that afternoon. I found some free online lessons to get her started. She has also taught herself to play part of the keyboard cat song. Praise God for providing her with the piano she has wanted for so long.

Denmark & LEGO

Lindsey loves to build with LEGO blocks and they were invented in Denmark. I found a LEGO lapbook that included their history, how they are made, and math.

One of the activities was to build the flag of Denmark using LEGOS. Other Scandinavian flags are based on Denmark's flag as well. Norway used Denmark's flag as their own until they later added blue to it.

Since we have been working on percents in math, I had Lindsey figure out what percent of her LEGO flag was white and what percent was red. We really enjoyed this lapbook.

Sweden & IKEA

We have been needing desks for our classroom, so we decided to take a field trip to IKEA in Charlotte. It's a 2 hour drive for us & this was our first trip there. It was definitely worth the drive. We brought some of our library books with us in the car so Lindsey could read about Sweden on the way there. I had her write some interesting facts she found on a notebooking page. (She did the same for Norway.)

When we arrived we signed up for the IKEA family discount card. We shopped around the huge store and ate lunch in their restaurant. Lindsey got the kids meal with moose shaped pasta, yogurt, applesauce, and lingonberry juice. I ordered the Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries of coarse. I shared some of my meatballs with Lindsey. Yum!

We bought the cutest woodland animal cookie cutters, a gingerbread house, a yule goat, magazine holders, and two laiva desks. The desks were only $18 each and they are a good size for our classroom. I love IKEA! I have a long wishlist and we will be making plans for future trips :)

Lindsey helped me put the first desk together and said "Mom! The instructions are just like the ones for Legos! Do you think that's because they are both from Scandinavian countries? The desk is from Sweden & Legos are from Denmark." I'm so thankful we made the decision to homeschool. I love to see her make connections like that about places we are studying. Thankful for Legos too. Lindsey practically put the second desk together by herself, building with Legos has trained her well.

Zoology: Dissecting An Owl Pellet

We studied Lesson 9: Rodentia and the Rest and Lindsey dissected an owl pellet for her lab. Given her aversion to bones & skeletons, this was not an easy lab for her. She had to stop a few times for a breath of fresh air, but she got through it and did a great job. She was able to find a fairly complete rodent skeleton. The skull even had some teeth.

I ordered the owl pellet kit from Home Science Tools. It came with the owl pellet, tweezers, a wooden probe, instructions and a bone sorting chart. We did have to soak the pellet in water to loosen it because it was to dry/compact to work with easily.

Woodland Animal Sugar Cookies

We used our new woodland animal cookie cutters from IKEA to make some sugar cookies. They were delicious & almost too cute to eat.

We made a thin cookie icing and dipped and/or painted the cookies to ice them. The icing dries hard so the cookies can be stacked. We used gel food colors to tint the icing, except for brown. For brown bears, hedgehogs, and moose, we added a bit of cocoa powder to the icing instead of food color.

The hedgehogs were the favorite. After dipping them in icing, we used chocolate sprinkles for their spines, a sprinkle for the nose, and a mini chocolate chip for the eye.

The moose were too large to dip, so we painted the bodies brown & the antlers yellow (like Bullwinkle). We also painted the icing on the snails.

For the foxes we used a chocolate sprinkle for the eye and a mini chocolate chip for the nose. We also added red sugar crystal sprinkles to the foxes.

Lindsey wanted the squirrels to be blue. We used a sprinkle for the nose & a mini chocolate chip for the eye. On some she also added a mini chocolate chip to their paw as an acorn.

Gingerbread House

We bought our gingerbread house at IKEA, it's called Pepparkaka Hus.

We used the same icing we made for the cookies on our gingerbread house and added more confectioner sugar for the icing to glue the pieces together. We decorated the pieces with icing before assembling the house. We used candy canes, red and green Skittles, gumdrop fruit slices, and a couple lollipops to decorate our house.

We used coconut for snow and added a few marshmallows for snowmen. We used candy canes broken to length in each corner of the house and along the roof. The hook part of the candy canes we used along with fruit slices to create a fence in the back yard. Fruit slices were also used as shrubs around the house. We made paths with the Skittles, one to the backyard and one to the front door. Lollipops became smoke for the chimney. We spread coconut out for snow, but left the aluminum foil showing in one section for a skating pond.

This was a fun project. Sadly our gingerbread house didn't survive until Christmas. Most of our candy had been eaten by Thanksgiving, and the house began to disappear after the woodland animal cookies were gone. It was yummy though :)


My daughter pointed out to me that the popular song "What Does The Fox Say?" by Ylvis is from Norway. So I double checked and yes, Ylvis is a Norwegian group. Just in case you aren't familiar with it, here's their video -


We made cute braided paper heart ornaments to hang on our tree. They are called Flätade HjärtanThey are little baskets that can be filled with candy or treats. We used red & white cardstock and followed instructions I found at

We also learned about rosemaling. We watched some instructional videos, then practiced on cardstock.

It takes some practice to learn the strokes. Lindsey struggled a little with the circle strokes, and found the S strokes to be the easiest. After practicing, she painted a design on a small cardboard box.

The rosemaling videos we watched are below.


Of coarse I have to include Hedgie's Surprise by Jan Brett. The needlepoint illustrations are wonderful and the story includes a Tomten. It's a great story to read while studying Scandinavia.

We found some other great books with the help of our librarian: The Race of the Birkebeiners by Lise Lunge-Larsen, Christmas in Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren, & Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Norway. I also got books on Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

Movies / Videos / Websites

We watched Heidi and How To Train Your Dragon. At first Lindsey didn't want to watch Heidi, but after a while she liked it. It was a long movie, it's in two parts so we watched it over two days. How To Train Your Dragon includes vikings and their boats. These were good to watch while Lindsey wasn't feeling well.

There are several photos and videos on Norway along with information at - The videos of the northern lights are especially beautiful. We also liked this video on YouTube: Visit Norway in 7 min. For Finland visit, for Denmark, and for Sweden We also learned about the Yule Goat tradition at - we bought a small one at IKEA and plan to make some felt Yule Goat ornaments while we look at Christmas around the world.

We ended our Scandinavian adventure at the theater with the new Disney movie Frozen. The movie takes place in Norway. We noticed rosemaling, northern lights, fjords, the architecture, etc... Also at the beginning of the movie it showed them cutting ice from the frozen harbor. We enjoyed the movie, it was fun!

Hope you enjoyed our study of Norway and Scandinavia! We'd love to here your comments below.