Monday, December 9, 2013

Flat Lindsey Visits Canada

Flat Lindsey visited her new friends Iorek and Gaïanne in Canada. Their mom wrote to us about her visit -

First we made her a winter jacket, but since it was 9 degrees celsius (48 in fahrenheit) she didn't need her tuque. In Canada we use the International system for temperature, measurements, distances etc..

We brought Flat Lindsey to the West Edmonton Mall. It is the biggest mall in all North America and it's the 13th biggest mall in the world. In the pictures, you can see mini Lindsey in the mall, at the sea lions show, at the indoor water park, the indoor amusement park, and we also show you one of the Oldest company in the world, that have a big significance in the history of Canada (fur trading), The Hudson Bay Company.

Then we went to the Royal Alberta Museum which is beside the government house (historical building) where we took photos of Lindsey with the flags of all the provinces of Canada, and then with Canada and Alberta flags. In the Museum we first start with the Alberta Native History Gallery where she saw how the first nation used to live before the arrival of the Europeans and how the French Canadians did the fur trading and then founded the first colony of Metis (pronounced May-tee) (meaning mixed blood). Then we went to the Nature and Wild Life of Alberta gallery Where we showed her our trees and wild life. At the very end we took a little walk to take some picture of the scenery downtown around the museum.

We brought Mini Lindsey to Iorek's fencing friendly competition. We had our first real snow storm of the year, so Flat Lindsey had a chance to wear her tuque :-) Flat Lindsey enjoyed Iorek and Gaïanne playing in the snow in the back yard. She also went along with us to our meeting with our homeschool group at the local library. We also share a meal, vegetable omelette, with mini Lindsey.

We attended a Souvenir/Remembrance Day Parade. You can see the poppy flower we made for flat Lindsey to bring her to the parade. You can find all the information concerning Remembrance Day at . The bright yellow building is the Universiade Pavilion, better known as the Butterdome . This is where the biggest Remembrance Day parade of the province is held every year. The Prime Minister of Alberta, Allison Redford was present at the ceremony. We like this very location for the parade because it's held inside, and as you can imagine, it is usually cold outside at that time of the year here in Alberta. My husband, the corporal Simard, was in the rank for the parade.

Here is the wiki page about the West Edmonton Mall , the official page of the museum , the wiki of the museum and the government house .

General info about Alberta here . Concerning the Flat Stanley book, we got curious and search if there was an équivalent in french and found one. It is «Clément Aplati» .

Flat Lindsey had so much fun on her Canadian adventure!


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