Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Around the World

We decided to study Christmas Around the World during December. We gained insights into the history of some of our Christmas traditions and tried some new ones while learning about other countries.

We decorated our tree and added a pickle ornament to it this year, hiding it like the German tradition. We set up our lighted Christmas village and our nativity. Our advent calendar counted the days until Christmas with candy and small gifts. We also used this online advent calendar to learn more about celebrations in other countries -
We made cookies, fudge, & peanut brittle. We went caroling at a senior center with our church. Our elf Holly visited. We read several Christmas books, watched Christmas movies, and listened to Christmas music.

Lindsey filled out several worksheets where she researched traditions in different countries. She learned how they say Merry Christmas in their language, how and when they celebrate, what foods they eat, etc... We also used some Christmas worksheets for math and writing that were fun. After learning about the legend of the Christmas Cat in Iceland who eats anyone not wearing a new outfit Christmas Eve, Lindsey drew a picture with colored pencils designing what she would wear to avoid being eaten.

These are some of the resources we used:


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