Friday, April 18, 2014

Weeks 21 & 22: Saudi Arabia

Welcome to our study of Saudi Arabia! We were packing and getting ready to move, so I didn't take pictures as usual. The camel above is a photo from an earlier visit to Aloha Safari Zoo. We also condensed this study into a week (and a half) instead of two full weeks.

Science -

We learned about pollution, conservation, endangered species, and deserts. We learned about natural pollution vs. man-made pollution, acid rain, greenhouse effect, and ways to reduce pollution. We looked at why species become endangered and how they can be protected. We talked about why camels hooves are well suited for walking through desert sand. Then we experimented with pushing a pencil into sand vs. pushing a quarter into it. The larger flat foot doesn't sink into the sand.

In zoology we looked at Lesson 13: Arthropods of the Land. Scorpions and Spiders were not our favorite animals to study and with our crazy schedule we were happy to just focus on the highlights in the notebook review questions and crossword puzzles.

Books We Read -

The Arabian Horse by Gail B. Stewart

Camels by Cherie Winner

The Red Sea and Persian Gulf

Aladdin And The Magic Lamp by Deborah Hautzig

Take A Trip To Saudi Arabia by Keith Lye

Saudi Arabia by Ann Heinrichs

Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves by Ali Baba

Sindbad : from the tales of the thousand and one nights by Ludmila Zeman

The Book Of Wonders by Jasmine Richards

We also watched the Disney Aladdin movies for fun.


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