Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our 6th Grade Math Curriculum

Our plan for 6th grade math consists mostly of 2 free online programs: Khan Academy & Master Math.

Khan Academy

If you are not yet familiar with Khan Academy you can check it out here -  They offer math, science, history, and more - but math is where they started. This is self-paced & I like the way it measures mastery of skills. You can see what areas need more work and know when your student is ready to move on.

Easy PeasyEasy Peasy

If you would like an ordered list to help you navigate the middle school lessons at Khan Academy you can find one at Easy Peasy - All in One Homeschool along with other amazing resources. They offer a complete, free online Christian homeschool curriculum with everything scheduled out in detail. 

Master Math

Math Master is specifically for Middle School Math. There are 10-20 minute video lessons, printable worksheets (and answer sheets), online quizzes, and links to other sites for further practice - all for FREE! If your child needs extra help online tutoring is available for a reasonable fee. There are also quarterly exams included that you can grade yourself, or you can take advantage of their grading services.

Pathway to Pre-Algebra

I also wanted some math worksheets that were fun to reinforce her online learning & I found Pathway to Pre-Algebra from Susan Mercer for only $3.95! - After seeing this unique set of worksheets, I became an affiliate. In full disclosure this is an affiliate link - Click here to view more details (You may read our disclosure policy here.)

Here is a sample image:
Crossword Square Roots

I wish my math teachers had used puzzles like this! 

There are 30 puzzles & mini-lessons designed for preteens.

I think they are fun! Fingers crossed that Lindsey will like them as much as I do!
Teachers can use these for pre-algebra practice, review, or homework. I think they could also work well for parents looking to keep their children from forgetting their math skills during school vacations.

Math Freebies

One more resource I've discovered is - there are several free worksheets available and there are also demos & downloads, and a free placement test available through their website. I plan to use the worksheets if I need them for extra practice.

I'll post updates periodically and let you know how these math resources work for us. I hope they are helpful to some of you also! If you use them I'd love to know how you like them, or if you have other resources that you love please share them as well by commenting below.


Shelley Robertson said...

Thank you so much for your post! I will be homeschooling my children this next school year and I have been searching for a great math curriculum that I think they will enjoy as well as truly benefit from. I finally stumbled upon your post. I am so excited to use Khan Academy! I have been on the KA site reviewing like crazy, and I love it!

Thanks again so much!

Wendy T said...

You're welcome Shelley. It has been working pretty well for us. When my daughter needs a break from it or extra practice we supplement with various worksheets. They've made several changes to Khan Academy this year. Some of them were frustrating to my daughter, but more recently the changes have been helpful and she enjoys it. They added grade levels and the ability to recommend topics which I find helpful. Happy homeschooling!

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